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GFS Automatic Soft Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

This equipment is widely used in industry of toothpaste, cosmetic, drugs and food etc

Dimension : 1200×1000×1600 mm
Voltage :
Power : 0.75Kw
Working pressure :

This equipment is widely used in industry of toothpaste, cosmetic, drugs and food etc., it is applicable in various aluminum-plastic-compound-soft-tube, plastic-soft-tube which fill-pack all kinds of cream, latex, lotion, oil and water etc. Before you use our equipment, read this user’s manual carefully, so that you can make a good use of our products. 

This equipment is with high automation, it can automatically fit on tubes, aim the color-marks, fill-pack liquid, seal covers, print business numbers, chop down tails and pick out tubes. It has the function of getting rid of the tubes when the color mark didn’t align correctly .It also picks out those tubes which haven’t been fill-packed. Thus can guarantee the products’ qualification and eradicate waste. Controlling system PLC is adopted in the controlling section so that it can make the machine work more accurately and steadily. Inner-heating method was adopted in the heating section. Sirocco-machine LEISTER was produced in Switzerland. It can blow hot-wind to the tube tail-end’s inner wall to melt plastic, then print tooth-like-lines and business numbers. Thus, it can guarantee to seal the tube tail-end with a high qualification. We completely adopt stainless steel in the fill-packing section, which can proof acid, alkali and corrosion. 

All the channels are connected quickly by clip-hoop; they can be packed, unloaded fast and agilely. The material-valve can be rotated, it can be cleanout easily, there’s no place for the dirty. We adopt the organization of precise-cam-degree in Position-turning. This organization can fix position precisely and firmly. The position-turning electric machine can change speed by using different-frequency. Customers can adjust the working speed themselves. 

Several devices such as Airproof hopper, Heating hopper, and Auto-feed etc. can be chosen according to the customers’ demand.

Tube Diameter15-25mm
Tube Length


Filling volume5-25ml adjustable ,15-100 adjustable, Customised
Measuring precision±0.5%
Air supply0.6Mpa
Air Exhaustion0.3m3/min
Power Supply220VAC/50Hz
Dimension1200×1000×1600 mm

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