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Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Tube filling and sealing machine is designed for filling cosmetic products, such as hand cream, foundation cream, BB/CC cream, facial clean product, etc.

Dimension : 1890*1083*2172mm
Voltage : AC380V;3P50/60hz
Power :
Working pressure :

1、Plastic tube & Composite tube;

2、Metal tubes;

3、Tube size: diameter from 10 mm to 50 mm (up to 60 mm, optional),tube length from 50 mm to 253 mm (including cover),suitable for various shapes of pipe covers.

1、The production speed is fast, GFS-60 can reach 60ppm, GFS-80 can reach 80ppm 

(depending on the material viscosity).

2、It can realize automatic filling, fast production transfer and automatic tail sealing.

3、High precision servo color mark positioning ensures the accuracy of sealing position.

4、Mechanical cam with piston pump filling, to ensure high precision filling volume, 

especially suitable for filling high viscosity materials.

5、The sealing temperature is controlled by PID, the temperature is stable 

and the welding quality is high.

6、Mechanical cam makes this equipment stable, long service life, and low defect rate.

7、Equipped with various protection systems, such as overload protection system, 

door opening and shutdown system, to ensure the safety and stability of use.

8、Sanitary grade 316L stainless steel is selected for parts contacting with materials.

9、Beautiful appearance, compact structure and small occupied area.

10、The key parts are international first class brands, such as Siemens PLC, Schneider 

electric components, Yaskawa frequency converter, etc.

11、The operation interface is simple and the fault alarm system is clear.

12、Three levels of operation permission can be set.

13、Double safety line can be used for tail sealing (optional).

14、 R angle sealing can be selected (optional).

15、 Special shaped sealing can be used (optional).

16、Can choose the defective products automatic elimination system, such as color mark positioning 

is not accurate, leakage filling, welding temperature is not up to standard and so on (optional).

17、 Large capacity tube hopper can be selected (optional).

Production speed: the actual production speed depends 

on the size of pipe diameter and the viscosity 

of the filling materials.

Tube dia. /mm193550
Filling volume / ml.5
Speed: pc/min.60

Energy Source

Energyair consumption (m3/H) Air pressure (bar)Water (L/H)Electricity (Kw)
Metal tube type56/1.5
Metal tube type56


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