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100L Lipstick Melting Tank

Dimension : 825mm*825mm*1200mm
Voltage :
Power :
Working pressure :

This machine is used for melting lipstick, lip balm and other cosmetics ingredients.

1.As the picture,dual Paddle(The bottom is part from tank wall 1MM,the top layer is moving by automatically),Stirring controled by frequency,speed adjustable

2.Heating(Three heting tube,3KW),Stirring,Vacuum and deaeration (Vacuum pump with vacuum tank,negative presssure 1KG),with automatic time controlling

3.Automatic flipping cap(With detection mirror,need connect with LED light,and 24V Powder supply)

4.Tank bottom with ball valve ,with keeping warm,easy for cleanning;Made into tank bottom valve (Attach with tank bottom inner layer)

5.Tank Cap and botton should with lock,Cap should use fluororubber as sealing ring/Gasket should use Tetrafluoro(Prohibit use ruber)

6.With Fuma Wheel,for convenient moving

Tank Volume100L Use Volme,Dual layers
Tank MaterialSUS304,Inner layerSUS316L
Bulk temperature,Oil temperatureControllable



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