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JBC-4 Bottom Up Powder Compact Machine

It is suitable for compacting cosmetic powders,such as face powder,powder cake,blusher and eyeshadow.

Dimension : 1800x1600x2010mm (LxWxH)
Voltage : AC380V,5P,50/60HZ
Power : 4.5KW
Working pressure : 6~7 Mpa

JBC-4 Bottom Up Powder Compact Machine is suitable for cosmetic powders, such as face powder, blusher and eyeshadow. It can be used for handling a wide range of formulations. The machine can press embossed, engraved cakes and domes. The output is 720-1080pcs/hour depending on pan size and powder formula.

 One set press mold includes top, middle, and bottom which are installed inside the machine to reduce the wear loss;

◆ Pressing from bottom to top, oil pressure is adjustable to achieve good performance for the powder compacting.

◆ Extended safety sensor(Taiwan FOTEK) for protecting the operator.

◆ Adopting servo motor to control the filling volume,use PLC system, easy to operate.

Fully hydraulic driven system ensures perfectly stable running.

◆ With hopper for storage aluminum pan,save manual operation time.

◆ Easy for color changing and cleaning.No need to remove the hopper, can achieve rapid production change.

Powder feeding optional: automatic or manual.

◆ The number of times of the powder feeding,powder pressing,cloth rolling, etc. can be adjusted on the touch screen.

◆ Add silicone seal in powder pusher, more clean tidy and can save powder.

Add a powder storage tank, more easy to collect remaining powder,convenient quick and clean.



Working Pressure
6-7Mpa 12Mpa 
Max Pressure12Mpa
Outer Dimension180*90*180cm(LxWxH)
Operator1 person
Max. Capacity2-3 molds/min
Pans available on each mold6pcs(acc.to size of aluminum pan)
Max. Output pressure of oil hydraulic15 tons

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