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JBC Cosmetic Powder Compacting Machine

Suitable for forming of powder cake,powder foundation,eyeshadow,and blusher.

Dimension : 1580(L)*900(W)*1700(H)mm
Voltage : 380V,3ψ
Power : 2.8kw
Working pressure : 1-15bar


Suitable for forming of powder cake,eyeshadow,and blusher.


Automatic pouder feeding device: pre-set 1~3time.

Air blowing and dust-collecting device, low pollution,low noise,and reuse the powder.

1. Improved design that compressing from lower to upper press and overcome tradition machine’ s weakness.

2. Bottom, Middle and Top moulds all set on the working stage,Each style only needs one mould, And easy to install the mould.

3. Pressed powder volume adjustable, do not need to change or fix the depth of mould.

4. Dust-Collection function could recycle left powder.The machine has lower pollution and noiseless.

5. Finished product push up automatically.

6. The length of silk is adjustable.

7. Exhaust is very well and the finished products achievement 100%.

8. Safety device around the machine

Voltage220V/380 3Φ
Working pressure1-15bar
Max pressure20bar
Dimensions1580(L) ×900(W) ×1700(H)mm
Operator1-2 Person
Max Capacity3 mould/min
Moulds available putting each disc1-42(According to the size of aluminum dish)
Oil hydraulic max pressure14t

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