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Every company executive has the idea that the company culture is very important for a company.GIENI always thinks about what sort of company we are and how much we can gain in our company? It wasm't enough if we just a company only service our customers. We need to make a heart to heart connection, not only with our clients but also with our company staff. That means GIENI is like a big family, we are all brothers and sisters.

Company Activities

During this year, our company organized a number of outdoor activities to make our employees 'lives more colorful, it also enhances the friendship between the staff.


Annual Meeting

Reward the outstanding staff and summary our annual achievement and fault. Celebrate together for our coming Spring Festival.

Birthday Party

Birthday Party will enhance the cohesion of the company's team,promote the construction of corporate culture, let everyone feel the warmth of the family.We always celebrate our birthday together.


We will spand time seat together and communicate with each other. Told about what do you like about the current culture? What don’t you like? Does it even matter?Communicate our values and culture explicitly and continuously, both internally and externally. We must understand our culture, and why it’s important. Reward employees who advance our culture, and be open and honest with those who don’t.


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